IMG_0042Best In Show Reading  2015  West of England

Reading January 11th 2015

Best In Show Adult West of England
Dave Baker
photo courtesy J Ross

photo1 Reading Gold Cup winner 2015 Voorburgh  Billy Telford  photo by Helen Seed

Reading January 11th 2015

Gold Cup Winner for Best Young Bird in Show Blue Voorburgh
Billy Telford
photo courtesy Helen Seed

photo2 - Copybest young in show  homer swansea 2015 web

Swansea January 3rd 2015

Best Young Fancy in Show
Show Homer
Mark Rudd
photo courtesy Helen Seed

Black American Show Racer Southern Counties web

THE Southern Counties SR AND FB Society

January 1st 2015
Best In Show Black Young American Show Racer Breeder & Exhibitor Dave Savage and Sharon Tyson
photo courtesy Jean Macintosh

2014 BCS Club Show B IS 2011 red cock  David Bramley

Barb Carrier & Scandaroon Show Nov 2014

BIS Red 2012 Carrier Cock
David Bramley
photo courtesy D Bramley

NPA Secretary,

Ring Secretary and Treasurer.
Colin Ronald
The National Pigeon Association
PO Box 131
PE15 5BU
Tel No: 07873 319958
e mail:

Welcome to the National Pigeon Association (NPA) website.

The NPA is the governing body of Fancy Pigeons in Great Britain. We
control the issue of rings, Championship Shows and the exhibiting of
pigeons. The NPA supports affiliated breed clubs and societies, sometimes in the form of monetary grants and loans, to enable them to continue to provide shows of good quality for the benefit of the whole Fancy.

The NPA caters for over 200 varieties of Fancy and Flying Pigeons. Many are old breeds from the United Kingdom but also breeds that have been imported and developed in this country. Our aim is to breed and exhibit our stock at shows throughout the country from local clubs and agricultural shows to larger shows and Championship Shows organised by various clubs and societies. Many of the breeds have their own individual breed club, but those that do not are catered for by the Variety Pigeon Club. Fancy Pigeon shows may only be held under the rules of the NPA, and pigeons may only be exhibited bearing a ring issued by the NPA, or a recognised ring issued by the breed clubs of the various flying pigeons or rings issued by a recognised foreign club. We issue Challenge Certificates at Championship Shows - a bird must win 5 Challenge Certificates (only 2 as a young bird) under 4 separate judges to be recognised as a True Champion.

The NPA has a wide variety of fanciers from the very experienced exhibitor to the novice, and are very keen to introduce young people into a rewarding and not necessarily expensive hobby

IMG_0038 Julian Emerson receives hisNPA Masterawar

Reading January 11th 2015

Julian Emerson (centre) receives his NPA Master Breeder Award for Scandaroons from President and Secretary of the Barb Carrier & Scandaroon Club David Bramley & Dave White
photo courtesy J Ross

photo1 Magpie  Swansea web R & K Pratt

Swansea January 3rd 2015

Best Fancy Black Adult Magpie
R & K Pratt
photo courtesy Helen Seed

Championship Show Results 2014/15

East Of England October 2014. Best In Show,White Indian Fantail ,Ian Sharples

South Coast October 2014. Best Fancy In Show, White Old Dutch Tumbler.
Aled Bradbourn

East Of Scotland 2014 Best In Show ,West of England, Alistair Robertson

Egremont 25th October 2014, Best In Show, Genuine Homer, Keith Robson

Modena Club Show ,25th October 2014,Supreme Modena ,Yellow Self Schietti Adult Hen .R Nicholson.

Dragoon Club Show 25th October 2014 ,Best In Show, Silver Chequer Hen
P Littlewood & Son

Barb Carrier & Scandaroon Club Show , 9th November 2014, Best In Show ,Red 2012 Carrier, D Bramley

Airdrie & Coatbridge November 2014 ,Best In Show,Brown Mookee, Billy Telford

London& Essex 15th November 2014, Best In Show ,Black West Of England Brian Ritchie

Lancashire 15th November 2014, Best In Show, Voorburgh, Billy Telford

Suffex 22nd November 2014.Best In Show , White King, Sheila Goodman

BPSS Pickering December 2014 Supreme Champion,
Red White Side Muffed Tumbler,Tony Braid
Reserve Show Champion Jacobin,Jim McGarrigle
click to read Richard Henderson report and trophy winners

Swansea 3rd January 2014, Best Fancy ,Black Adult Magpie R & K Pratt,
Best Young Fancy, Show Homer, Mark Rudd

Reading Gold Cup Show 11th January 2015 Best In Show Adult West Of England Dave Baker ,Gold Cup Winner for Best Young bird in Show Blue Voorburgh of Billy Telford

DSC00145 web

The Chinese Owl Club Show

104 Owls Entered
Saturday 15th November 2014
Best In Show
Barred Grizzle Adult Hen
Nick Dolling
Best Self Black Sally Ashby
Best Silver Bar Charlie Muir
Best Red Chequer John Ottley
Judges John McNeal & Daniel McNeal

2013/14 Championship Show results ... click below for full list