2013/14 Championship Show results ... click below for full list

Archangel Best in Show Pickering 2013 web

7th/8th December 2013

Pickering BPSS+ NPA National
Best in Show Archangel
Littlewood & Roscoe
photos courtesy Peter Bennett

African owl  winner at Blackpool 2013

16th/17thJanuary 2014

Blackpool Show
Best Fancy Pigeon in Show
African Owl
John Gregg
Reserve Best Fancy Pigeon
Yellow Chequer Schietti Modena Hen
Tom Elton

12th January 2014
Reading 'Gold Cup Show'
Best In Show Adult Muffed Ice
Mr Mrs Bradbourn
The' Gold Cup ' for Best Young
Holle Cropper
Brian Joyce

4th January 2014
Swansea Championship Show
Best Fancy
Red Chequer King
Mr Mrs Bradbourn

DSCF07  2014 NPA rings
IMG_2483 Gary Eaton NPA President 2014

New 2014 NPA President Gary Eaton

photo courtesy Doreen Eaton

Colin Jones Receives his Hall of Fame award for Long Faced Clean Legged Tumblers from Frank Richardson at Egremont Show in Cumbria Oct 2013
photo courtesy Robert Gibbins

Champion Pigeons with the Qualifying 5 NPA certificates from at least 4 different Championship approved Judges

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